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How to use the Amazon FBA Calculator to estimate sales

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Whether you’re searching for new products to expand your catalog or looking for ways to drive more sales for the products you already offer, there are various ways you can estimate Amazon sales. You can also use sales calculators and other tools to research popular product categories, gauge customer demand, and estimate business opportunities with Amazon.

In this post, we’ll walk you through some options for exploring new products that could boost your bottom line, as well as estimating the potential sales lift of products you already sell.

Estimate Amazon sales with the Revenue Calculator

The Revenue Calculator lets you estimate the costs, profits, and margins for a product you’d like to sell.

Here are some steps you can follow to get started:
  1. Enter the SKU, ISBN, UPC, EAN, ASIN, or title of the product you want to research and click “Search”
  2. If a list of products appears, click “Select” for the one you want to calculate revenue for
  3. Review the item’s price, Amazon fees and costs, net profits, and net margins for Fulfillment by Amazon
  4. Enter your own fulfilment and storage costs
  5. Compare costs, profits, and margins to get a sense of the revenue potential for each fulfillment method
At the bottom of the calculator, you can change the number under “Estimated sales” to see what your net profit and margin would be if you were to sell that quantity.
The FBA Revenue Calculator also lets you calculate the revenue of products not yet sold in the Amazon store under a “Define product” tab, and you can use the “Estimate in bulk” tab to create sales estimates for multiple products at once.
Revenue Calculator

Estimate your Amazon Revenue

Provide your product details and fulfillment costs and see real-time cost comparisons between different fulfillment methods.
Illustration of the Amazon revenue calculator

FAQ: Revenue Calculator

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about the revenue calculator
What currency is the pricing in?
When CA is selected from Amazon store the prices are displayed in Canadian Dollar.
Why don't I see a product?
Not all products may avalible with the revenue calculator. Try searching by product title to see if there is a comparable product.

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