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We want you to succeed selling on Amazon-which is why we put together a quick-start guide with steps to selling on and our list of resources includes Seller University, an educational series to help you overcome the most common selling challenges, Seller Central articles, and the Amazon seller forum.

Step 1: Prepare for registration

Make sure that you have a product, inventory, and that your product is ready to ship. After this is completed, then you are ready to start selling on
Make sure you’re ready with the following:
  • Business email address or Amazon customer account
  • Chargeable credit card
  • Government ID (identity verification protects sellers and customers)
  • Tax information
  • Phone number
  • A bank account where Amazon can send you proceeds from your sales

Learn about the benefits and how to get started

Recommended reading
Through this Sell on Amazon experience, you will learn about how it works, what it costs, and how to grow your business with Amazon.

Step 2: Choose the right Amazon selling plan

We have gathered some businesses examples to help you choosing the right plan for your business.

There are many unique businesses out there, so if you are a combination of two or more profiles then you can utilize the resources provided for each profile and decide which one best fits you and your business needs.

Business Use





Plans on selling more than 30 items per month
Wants to use Amazon Advertising, Coupons, and Pricing tools
Will self fulfil customer orders
Plans on using Fulfilment by Amazon
Wants to be eligible to join
Amazon Handmade
Brand owner

Don't have an Amazon seller account yet?

CDN $29.99 a month + selling fees

Step 3: Grow your account

Once you’ve registered your business and have your plans set up, you’ll want to start gaining exposure. This can be done through various Amazon business development tools.
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Automate Pricing

Do you want to make sure your pricing is always the lowest on Amazon? With Automate pricing, Amazon automatically changes your prices to keep them competitive. It can also potentially increase your likelihood of being the Featured Product Offer.
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Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are keyword- or product-targeted ads that promote your individual listings and appear in shopping results and on product detail pages on Amazon, it is a way for your product to have more visibility and quickly gain exposure. It’s a “cost per click” platform meaning you are not charged until the product is clicked on. You have the ability to control the level of investment for your business, risk-free.
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Coupons are another great tool that can help promote growth for your business. This tool comes with analytics, control over the budget, and it is cheapest way to get on the Deals page (which is the second most viewed page on Amazon).
    To active automate pricing:
  • Log in to Seller Central
  • Go to pricing -> Automate Pricing
  • Click Create a customized pricing rule in the dashboard
    To create your first Sponsored Products Campaign:
  • Log in to Seller Central
  • Go to Advertising -> Campaign Manager
  • Click Create your first campaign in the dashboard
    To create your first coupon:
  • Log in to Seller Central
  • Go to Advertising -> Coupons
  • Click Create a coupon in the dashboard

Amazon Stores

Creating an Amazon store is free, easy, and no design experience is required. With Amazon stores you can create a memorable shopping experience while showcasing your brand, highlighting best sellers and new products. Your store can contain multiple pages and can go up to three levels deep giving you the opportunity to tell your brand's story and showcase your products as you wish.

How do you make a Store?

1. In Seller Central go to Stores at the top of the page.
2. Chose a display name for your site
3. Upload your logo
4. Start building your pages

Step 4: Monitor your account

Now that you have reviewed the benefits, know how to get started selling, and selected your plans, you need to know your reports. It is important to keep an eye on your performance metrics, stay up to date with Seller Central notifications, and obsess over customers.

Manage Health

Monitoring your performance is important so that you can stay up to date with everything involving your account. Neglecting this can lead to account deactivation and poor customer service experience.
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Manage Inventory

It is important to manage your inventory so your product doesn’t go out of stock. Managing inventory is the key to having elongated success on Amazon and helps you understand exactly where you stand. Leading customers to have a great buying experience and having your business known as a reliable seller.

You can keep tabs on your performance and make sure you’re meeting your targets in Seller Central under the Reports and Performance tabs.
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Monitor feedback & performance

Reviews are among the top reasons why consumers come to Amazon. Customer reviews are one of the most recognizable features of the Amazon shopping experience. Having a high volume and predominately positive reviews will help with converting the traffic from a visit to a sale.
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Manage Orders

Customer obsession is the #1 priority when selling on Amazon and when you know your orders, you know your customers. You want to make sure you are managing orders so that they can ship on time, you can have positive feedback, you can respond timely to customer inquiries, and much more. It is a direct line to a great customer experience.

You can keep tabs on your performance and shipping windows in Seller Central under the Orders tab -> Manage Orders.

Where to get help

Still have questions? Seller Central, Seller University, and the Seller Forum were all created to help you on this journey.

Seller Central Help

Seller Central is the portal where you can all the tools you need to sell on Amazon. Create listings, Sponsored Products, convert products to FBA and much more.
Seller Central Help pages to get you started (sign-in required)
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Seller University

Seller University is a series of free training videos created to help you learn how to sell on Amazon. Learn how to take advantage of FBA, advertising, promotions, and more. Create product listings faster. Master the key tools and applications. Understand product rules and restrictions.
Helpful Videos

Seller Forum

Discuss selling on Amazon and other Amazon services with fellow Canadian sellers. Find answers to your questions about Selling on Amazon, and receive responses from Amazon and other sellers.

Start your journey today

Put your products in front of the millions of customers who search every day.
CDN $29.99 a month + selling fees
Important Notice for International Sellers
As an international seller there are important steps you must take before selling on our store to ensure a great experience for you and for customers.

Please read this important information for international sellers for more details of your obligations as a seller on
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