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Convenient financing to meet your business goals

Business financing can help eligible small and medium-sized businesses reach their goals. For most sellers who apply to this invite-only program, you’re done in minutes, without lengthy paperwork or long wait times.1

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CDN $29.99 a month + selling fees

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Amazon Lending collaborates with trusted third-party providers who have proven experience in offering financial products that successfully serve sellers

If eligible, apply for financing with:
No lengthy paperwork1
No application fees
Fast approval in as little as 2 business days

Use the funds on anything related to your business, including growing inventory, expanding marketing efforts, or securing new equipment.

Help grow your business with competitive business funding
P&J Trading

“Amazon Lending gave us the opportunity to grow and expand our business.”

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Andrew Knauf
Head of Product Development

Finance your goals

Financing can help your business succeed by letting you free up cashflow and invest in the areas of your business that make sense. Join thousands of Amazon sellers who have already taken advantage of financing solutions to help grow their business. If eligible, choose to apply for financing that works for your business, and you will be connected directly with the third-party provider to complete your application. All applications are reviewed and fulfilled independently by the third-party financing provider.
Desert Cactus
“Amazon has our numbers. They have a history with us. So the application process was a lot more streamlined than going to a traditional bank.”
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Joe Stefani
CEO & Co-founder
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Access funds quickly
Applying for business financing takes minutes for most applicants, subject to credit approval.
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Pay as you earn
Repayments are tied to a percentage of your future disbursements, ensuring a manageable cash flow that aligns with your business performance.
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Free up cash flow
Whether it's increasing inventory, investing in product development, or something else, financing from Amazon Lending lets you focus your resources where you need them to meet your business goals.

Available products

We are constantly expanding by partnering with third-parties to build a portfolio of financing tools for all your business needs. We evaluate many factors when selecting a third-party provider to join the Amazon Lending program, including their potential to innovate and continuously improve their seller experiance through enhanced features and best-in-class offerings. Check my eligibility.

Product Description

Product Interest Rate

Product Provider(s)

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)
A non-revolving sum of funding with flexible payment and no late fees.

A merchant cash advance provides sellers funding to help run and grow their business. Unlike interest-bearing loans, the advance ties payment to a portion of a seller’s future disbursements for a fixed capital fee, there are no additional fees or interest charged.

Best For
Growing sellers looking for the flexibility to pay back more or less depending on disbursements each month.
There is no interest on a merchant cash advance.

You pay a fixed fee in exchange for the capital provided by SellersFi. The fixed fee varies based on offer size, term, and business performance. This transparent, fixed fee, will not change after you have accepted the advance.

For example, a $10,000 offer may have a fixed fee of $1,500. The $1,500 fixed fee would be added to the offer amount, and you would pay $11,500 in total.
SellersFi is a global financial technology company that empowers e-commerce merchants looking to grow. They offer strategic solutions that make scaling easier and faster. SellersFi offers affordable and flexible funding options as part of its collaboration with Amazon Lending.

Getting started

A straightforward approach to business lending ⁠— we make the borrowing process easy so you can focus on more important things, like growing your business.

Step 1

Check for a financing invitation in Seller Central.

Step 2

Agree to share your business’s Amazon selling data with the financing provider. You will then be redirected to the provider’s site to complete your application

Step 3

Fill out the application form in a matter of minutes and submit.

Step 4

Receive notice of the provider’s financing decision, usually within one business day. If your application is approved and you accept the terms, the funds will be disbursed into your account.

Finance your business needs with Amazon Lending

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CDN $29.99 a month + selling fees

1 As part of our application due diligence process, we may require additional documentation or information to approve your business’s loan. Additional processing time may be required to complete this review.
*Offered by third-party financing providers to Sellers doing business in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba..
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